Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Peekaboo...i see you...

Sometimes Anna gets these grand ideas that she wants to "scare" people when they come walking down into the kitchen. This particular photo was taking while Anna sat waiting for about 5 mintues for my husband to come walk in from work. She didnt move the whole time tryin to be as stealth as possible. When she is on a mission nothing can stop her. Big booty pose! I love it.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Worlds Best Aunt

September 29th, 2008 Anna once again became the Worlds Best Aunt. Anyone that knows anna knows how well she does with kids and how drawn they are to her. She loves her nieces and nephews more then anything and is such a big help when it comes to playing with them. I cannot wait for Draven (new nephew) to grow up loving his Aunt Anna and having her play an active roll in his life.


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I aint go nuthin to do

Anna came over today to my house to hang out while my parents when out of town for the day. I came out from taking a little nap and she was watching Cops. I asked her if she likes that show and she said. "Yup I love dis show! I watch it all the time with my dad!" (i guess hes not my dad anymore, only hers)

She then must have gotten bored because i came back in the room a little bit later and this is what i saw.




Guess Im a sucky Host.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Lesson in Cluture through Anna's eyes

A few weeks ago Anna went to Utah to stay with our sister Valerie and help out with the kiddies. Val and Chuka go to the Samoan ward where they mostly speak in Samoan. Anna went to church with them.

When Anna got back in town the following conversation took place:

Me: Anna, how was your trip?

Anna: good, i jus not goin no where no more.

Me: Well, did you have a good time?

Anna: Yeah, i jus miss my shows and my students (aka primary kids she sees each sunday)

Me: Well, you went to church with Val and Chuka didnt you?

Anna: yeah but i didnt like it

Me: Why not? It was the samoan ward, was it different?

Anna: Yeah i didnt like it because they kept speakin in that japanese. I dont understand nothin.

Me: japenese? you mean samoan?

Anna: yeah that one. same difference.

Of course it is.

Friday, August 22, 2008


I thought this would be fun to hear little stories from other people.

1. As a comment on my blog, leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Why not right?

I walked past Anna the other day and this is how i saw her reading. I didnt quite understand how that could be comfortablef or her neck but then i realized I dont quite understand most of what she does. Thats why I love her!



Monday, July 21, 2008

Whinnie the Poo or something like that

Remember the episode of Whinnie the Poo where Poo gets stuck in Rabbits hole? This kind of reminded me of that.

Anna was playing with her nephew KC and couldnt quite fit...



so KC took it in his best interest to make due and play on her bum

Please note, She was not stuck for too long and we got her out safe and sound! Oh the things Anna does to make her neices and nephew happy!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Camping in Annas World

These are a few photos from our camping trip on Memorial Day aka the nightmare trip from he** in Annas mind....Enjoy!

Photo Shop here she comes!

Watch out everyone looks whos drivin!!!!

Hooray they made it back alive

the campfire smoke was getting in her eyes so i suggested she put the goggles on. im a genious

humoring the brother in law

The final straw got just too cold and miserable lol

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

little chuckles

Conversation between Anna and Amber last thursday:

Amber: So Anna whats with these shows you watch, like Smallville, and Power Rangers?

Anna: Power Rangers is my favorite show!

Amber: I know but isnt it just a childrens show? Are you a child?

Anna: A Child of God

Conversation between Myself and Anna last weekend

back ground: We went camping as a family and Anna got moved from the camping trailor Couchbed to a smaller bed, which made her very upset, then to find out she has to share it with ther 5 year old neice.

Anna: I just hate this stuff!

Theresa: What stuff?

Anna: Just this sharin my bed stuff.

Theresa: Anna you always share your bed with Keila when she visits. You never complain. Why are you this time?

Anna: I just need my space and shes always stealin my covers!

Theresa: Anna you have been awful crabby this trip, you need to cheer up and be a little nicer to your neices and everyone else for that matter. Its no fun for anyone when your crabby pants.

Anna: Its just this campin stufff, i just hate this campin, it just not for me anymore.

(aparently it got so bad she resulted in leaving 2 days early to go to utah with my sister)

Conversation at the dinner table a few weeks ago

Anna: I just cant wait to be married

Theresa: So when you and David get married where are you gonna live?

Anna: In my room!

Theresa: Okay so when you get married are you going to be Mrs Anna Lindig?

Anna: No way Im not gonna have his last name!

Theresa: So David is gonna take your last name? Mr and Mrs David Stewart?

Anna: Yup!

Theresa: Okay well are you guys gonna have kids?

Anna: When i grow up (thats what my father tells her everytime she talks about wanting to get married and have kids)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Salon

Anna is the most pampered Downs girl I know. Let me rephrase that, she is more papered then most girls in general I know. She comes to my Salon and gets manicures and pedicures regularly by our good friend Kat, and about every 6-8 weeks she gets her hair colored. I have definately had a fun time trying out different color combinations on her hair and it has reached a point that this is the healthiest her hair has ever been.....that was not always the case...
You see, my mother wanted Anna's hair permed so that she could just wear headbands and it would be curly and very low matinance. Not a bad idea..however Anna recieved a gift from someone with a bunch of bubble bath and shower gels that smelled like avon, but she loved it. She got a little confused and thought the shower gel was shampoo. Thus started the downward spiral of the hair. She was using shower gel as shampoo for quite some time, with NO conditioner to ease the pain. Then, she started going to the gym and swimming. Permed hair, mixed with Chlorine, mixed with a not so great attempt at rinsing off, followed by washing with shower gel, then not always getting it all out, resulted in a terrible mess. Her poor hair was totally damaged. After a few weeks of this, I could barely ever get a comb through it. I finally asked what she was using as shampoo and she showed me. I about died. Also, the headbands....You see in the chlorified permy shower gel mess, she was wearing headbands every day and would push them back so tight it was breaking off her extremely fine hair even more. I banned the use of headbands indefinately. After not much careful consideration needed, i decided it was time.
I cut it all off. Poor thing looked like a boy for about 3 months till her hair grew long enough to curl. Once it reached a long enough length, i put a few highlights in it. I have babied her hair and it has now grown out to a cute bob with fun reds and browns and blonde highlights, and every so often I will let her wear headbands. She loves it! She loves coming to the salon and leaving feeling like a total princess. Who are we kidding, she is a princess.

One last thing..
She just came to the salon a few days ago and I was waiting for my client Jason Alhstrom. She was sitting in the chair next to us and when he arrived, i asked her if she liked his hair or if we should cut it. This was her response..."I love it! It looks sexy! He looks sexy. He is hott!" I started laughing and said, "Anna, Im gonna tell your boyfriend David" She said "I dont care, he deserves it." (Why i have no idea) But she then informed me after Jason left how sexy he was yet again. Leave it to Anna to boost anyones ego. Nothing like getting hit on by the coolest downs girl in the world! I bet it made Jason's day!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Smiles All Around

Anna caught the bouquet. How could this picture not make you smile. Have a great day!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Primary Chick

Annas calling in our ward is Assistant to the Secretary in the Primary. They made up this calling for her specifically and saying she takes it rather serious is an understatement. She is in charge of taking the Rolls around to each class before it begins then before it ends returning to pick them up again. She also sits in the Primary and helps keep the kids in line. What usually ends up happening is during music time Anna gets really silly singing the songs and makes all the kids giggle and laugh. She just has no fear and will do anything to make anyone laugh.
I work in the Library which is right next door to the primary. Every Sunday without fail, Anna walks by when its dead in the library and says..."Hey Theresa....everything okay in here? You need anything?" Like always i tell her nope everything is just great. Then she is on her way. Most Sundays when she is bored with the primary she ends up wandering the halls seeing if anyone needs help with anything usually its in the nursery and usually when they are passing out treats. hmmmm interesting.
Anna is the most well known person in our ward by the adults and children. Kids see her in the halls and just get the biggest grins on their faces. They laugh with her and just love her! Its so wonderful. Best of all, Anna calls the primary kids her students. She hates to go out of town and miss church because she will miss her primary and her students so much. She bore testimony of how much she missed them for over five minutes last Testimony meeting.
I just have to say how much I look up to Anna. She is so dedicated to her calling and is such a wonderful example. The ladies in the primary tell me all the time how much of a great help she is and they could give her even more responsibility and confidently know she would do it no problems.
The funniest thing is, my husband Dave always teases Anna, he is going to get a calling in the primary and just take her job over. One time we had to sub a class for two weeks and she i think was really upset thinking we were serious. She informed us..."Yah right guys...youre not takin my job from me. Those kids dont even know Dave. They know me. They are my students. So dont even think about it!"
Dave poked his head in the door to primary one time and anna actually got up walked over to the door and kicked him out. Not only is she dedicated to her calling who knew she was primary security too!
I just hope everyone can be as motivated and excited about their callings as anna is. She is an example for all of us!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Valentines Day

This was a Valentines Day to remember.
A few weeks ago my husband so kindly offered to go on a double date with Anna and her boyfriend David for valentines day (he is in the picture with her on the right of the blog)
A little preface:
Saying Anna is excited is the understatement of the century. She doesnt get to go out with david but only like once a month or every other month. So when they do go out, its always with a chaperone. What you have to understand is their emotions are very much so heightened and they become rather what can i say, horny when they are around eachother. Thats why dad has tried to instill in her brain NO KISSING when it comes to David. Anna, like any other kid with a teenage mentality doesnt always listen. They flirt and always try to kiss....yikes

Valentines evening, my brother Jeff ,his date Courntey, Anna went to go pick up David. My husband and I were meeting them at dinner. Anna insisted she knew where David lived but then got them lost so they had to call his parents to find the right way. When they picked him up, she gave him the cookies mom made with the card and balloon. The card was the best. It said on the outside, We have a pretty unusal relationship. Then on the inside it said, I am pretty, and you are unusual. Classic.
Davids parents have taught him rather well, he always gets a gift for anna no matter when they go out. Its rather impressive, even though the perfume he always gets her smells like old lady avon perfume its sweet non the less.
They exchanged gifts and were on their way.
They met up with us at Red Robin and David was wearing his classic Nascar jacket and hat. Super classy I must say. We all ordered food and I just sat and watched. My husband has always teased Anna. He pokes her in church just to mess with her and she loves every minute of it although she insists he is a pest. Well, during dinner, he was poking her, and I began to get nervous. Annas boyfriend became upset. When I say upset I mean I thought he was going to get up and try to punch my husbands lights out. He at one point lifted up his sleeve and flexed his bicep, then later he lifted up his had in a fist and shook his head. I had to calmly tell him to relax and that my husband was just teasing her. He then said for him to "back of his woman! That was his future wife"
After dinner, we went to the movies. I told Anna and David they could sit by themselves as long as they were in front of us. They sat of the back row of the first section and we sat on the first row of the back section so there was a good 6 feet apart from us. I didnt think we has a problem....i was mistaken. Aparently in their eyes, that gap meant free reign to do as they pleased. All throughout the movie they smootched. I at one point couldnt even see a gap between their heads. I made my husband throw candy at them to get their attention, when he did David flipped him off. Then later I had him do it again and Anna looked over so I was able to make eye contact with her and i said "Knock it off you two!" After the movie was over she and I were in the bathroom and I said, "We are going to have a little talk when we get home with mom and dad about you and David smootching." Her response was once again classic. She said "Um, we wasnt smootchin, we was jus ticklin each others noses." Of course...thats what it was. Nice try. Then i assured her i saw them and she said, "Well, he was jus kissin me first" That makes it okay then.
The night was eventful and filled with real live entertainment. Anna is so sweet, but i am in agreement with my mother when she said Heavenly Father saved Anna from herself. If she wasnt down syndrome, she would probably be a hussy. Oh how I love her! Hope you all had a wonderful Valentines!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Funny Stuff

Just a few funny things that happened this last week.

Fast Sunday
Ever since Anna was little she has loved to bare her testimony. She is the first person up there each testimony meeting and you never quite know what shell say but what the ward does know, is she is the first one up. This particular sunday was rather entertaining. It was only Dave, Anna and Myself sitting on the side bench when they opened up the meeting up to the congregation. Some people on the other side of the chapel had started to walk up, Anna looked at me concerned and i just simply said, You better hurry. My mistake, Anna got up real fast and began to walk quickly, then finally run down the isle to get to the pulpit. Then, when she got up there, she looked at the othe two people who got there on the stand at the same time, pointed her finger at them waving it and said, Haha I beat you! Everyone started laughing, then she began her sweet testimony. She never ceases to amaze me!

Virgin Ears turn away.
I was sitting in my dads room with my sister Valerie and dad, when anna casually came in and started to massage my shoulders. We got talking and I always have teased anna when she says she doesnt feel good that she is pregnant. Sometimes she indulges me and says maybe, sometimes she is not in the mood to be teased and says no. Its always a hit or miss what shell feel like saying that day. Well, today I was feeling extra silly and said Anna, maybe one day we can be pregnant together. She said, I am not pregnant yet theresa! Val then jumps in and says, Anna how do you get pregnant....(assuming mind you, that she will say somethign about kissing) She suprised us all when her response was, "You have to have those Sex first" I almost peed my pants I was laughing so hard. My dad then couldnt handle hearing his sweet anna go any farther, and jumped in with, Okay thats enough!
She is so great! You have to have those sex first!

Just a couple funny little things that happened this week! Hope everyone has a great day!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Jus in my pocketttt.....

Anna loves fat! She loves to eat the fat on steak most of all! One evening we were sitting down as a family to a lovely steak dinner. Anna chose quite a yummy steak with lots of juicy fat all around the edges. Vaughn her big bro insisted on cutting the fat off the steak so she wouldnt eat it. In the process she was having a very hard time with this. Vaughn cutting the fat off would result in a failed attempt for her to actually eat it. She threw a mini fit but not winning the battle the fat was cut off and put in a little pile on her plate.
Throughout dinner everyone was eating and enjoying each others company and Amber (Vaughns wife) noticed the fat was gone off the plate. She slyly leaned over and told Vaughn who then told my Mother the fat was gone from Anna's plate. My mom then asked Anna, "Where is the fat that was on your plate?" She said quite convincingly, "I threw it away" But she couldnt pull the fast one on all of us, there were too many of us at the table. Mom proceeded to say, "Anna, you didnt get up from the table all dinner, now where is the fat that was on your plate?" As Mom was asking this, Anna had conveniantly gotten up from the table and was now at the trash can scraping off her plate. She muttered while a little flustered, "Uh, I threw it away" Mom was no fool, she got up and walked over to Anna and asked her one last time more sternly..."Anna, where is the fat that was on your plate?" Anna realizing she lost the battle gave in and said, "Uh....jus in my pocket" She then grabbed a folded up napkin from her pocket that contained all the fat Vaughn so carefully cut off from her steak. She insisted on eating it so she secretly wrapped it up and stuck it right there in her pocket while no one was watching. Mom then said to her, "Anna that is so disgusting, why would you do that?" Annas response will forever be the classic Anna answer, "I know, Sorry Mom, you know how much i love dos fats!"

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Talkin Smack!

Today an interesting thing happened. It was my Aunt Roxie's birthday so some ladies from my ward and all my Aunts came to Mimi's cafe for lunch to celebrate Roxie! Well, Anna came and sat next to me. Apparently my aunt informed Anna she had seen pictures of her and her boyfriend David from the blog i created for her. Anna not really understanding what exactly a blog is was a little upset. She had this stern look on her face and i asked her what was wrong. She informed me she was upset at me. I asked her why and she said "Because youre talkin bout me behind my back!" I said what on earth are y0u talking about. She then proceeded to tell me "Aunt nancy said you was showin her those pictures of me and my boyfriend." I was really confused for a minute then it hit me, I have not told or even shown anna her blog. Not that she would get it anyway, but she might think its fun people are askin about her. She does however get a little, well a lot sensitive when she thinks people are makin fun of her. We as siblings get in trouble a lot if she over hears us telling stories because she thinks when we are laughing its that we are making fun of her, not just enjoying the fact that she is brilliant in all her little ways. Anyway back to my story, I told her about her blog and that I was writing stories so people could know what was going on in her life and she cut me off, her eyes got huge and she goes "Thats right thats right thats right just like i said Talkin bout me behind my back!" Totally upset. I then tried to once again explain it was not making fun of her and that it was a nice thing that people love her and think she is so great and that they want to keep up on her life. I think she started to get it and realize that this was a good thing for her because this meant she was becoming rather popular. So she then looked at me and said with a stern look and a rather threatening tone, "Alright, just as long as i dont find out you been talkin bout me behind my back!"
So please note, anyone that does run into anna in the next while, if you do mention the blog about her, make it sound exciting! Or better yet dont mention it at all. Later that day at the end of lunch i was telling Aunt Georgia what happened and Anna over heard us talking and she rolled her eyes at us and said "Ugh, I just so sick of you guys talkin bout this blog" Poor Anna, life is so rough for her.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Nobody needs to know.....

Anna is quite the sneaky one. I often times truly feel her having Downsyndrome is just a cover or excuse for her to pull off the ultimate pranks. She loves to sneak food. Its like her worst habbit in the world! She is the ultimate sneaker.
One night our family had some friends over for dinner. The Nihipalis! Gotta love em...well one of my moms famous meals is Barbque pork ribs...they are off the bone and so delicious...she made like two big trays of them. Well we have an island in our kitchen and all the food was put out buffet style. We always have a lot of food.
I really belive anna takes joy in when we have buffet style big meals with families because then no one is watching her and people are distracted so she has a better chance of sneakin something without anyone noticing.
This time however was a little different. For some reason not no one was in the kitchen except Anna and Tani. Tani saw anna look around and then casually grab and handful of barbque ribs and stick em right in the pants pocket. She then proceeded to look at Tani, pat her pocket and say Nobody Needs To Know! Then casually throughout the night she was reach in her pocket, pull of a little piece, and eat it, meanwhile her eyes making contact with Tani's and looking at her with this stare that was saying Thats right, nobody needs to know. Gotta love Tani for being so understanding.
We love anna....lint pockets full of ribs and all.

The cabin

Ever since we were little our family has gone on trips to our cabin. The cabin is full of memories both great and horrifying. Including our cousins everyone in our family has a cabin memory. This however is one of my favorites.
One particular trip anna was continually bugging Dad to let her drive the 4-wheeler. After hours and hours of bugging him he finally gave in (he is the ultimate anna pushover). He taught her and told her she is NOT allowed to drive the 4-wheeler unless someone else was with her. Never alone. Well Im sure in annas mind there are a million people at the cabin that trip so she would be able to drive all the time. Perfect!
The following morning was the best. You see in our cabin most of the couches pull out into beds and most everone sleeps on the porch or on the pull out couches. So i was on one of the couches in the main living room. I woke up at like 6am (because thats when the sun is burning a whole in your eyelids and you HAVE to wake up) and to my delight i find anna sitting on the couch like this

I asked her what she was doing sitting there and she said she was waiting for someone to get up so she could go for a drive on a 4-wheeler.
Later that day in the afternoon it is generally nap time....most everyone was relaxing and asleep except anna. She was determined to take someone for a ride. She insisted on not moving from her 4wheeler till someone would go with her. So after a while we found her like this
She is such a trooper and didnt give up! She was gonna drive!
I do have to inform you plenty of people did go on rides with her and she had lots of opportunities to be behind the wheel...or handle bars..or whatever is on a 4-wheeler...she is just dramatic Anna who loves to play the Woe is me Gotta love her!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My Bike

This is Annas infamous 3 wheel bike with the basket in the back. The basket is not to be overlooked. One of Anna's chores is to take the trash out so the genious she is will put trash in the basket and ride around to the dumpster and throw it away. Even though it would actually take less time for her to walk the trash to the dumpster and throw it away she still insists its easier her way. No arguing with that.

The first time Anna got this bike she was so excited. She would insist on riding it around and when she gets really excited she will stand up while soaring down the driveway letting her hair flow in the wind. A picture really is worth a thousand words. One time she let my girlfriend ride it and told her to get off because she was going to slow. I swear one day she will end up riding on two wheels because she is turning so fast...

She also insists on riding in the arena full of soft dirt and then get stuck and has to walk her bike out. You would think she would learn...but she still does it...oh well....its still an amazing bike!

Best day of our lives

Hello everyone in the blogging world. This is the official Anna Banana Pop Tart Stewart Blog! After talking to quite a few people who were in agreement with me as to the success this would be, I have put together a blog dedicated to Anna and her stories. So many people love hearing Anna stories and seeing her hilarious pictures I took it upon myself to dedicate this all to her. I am going to try to update it as frequently as I can with past stories and pictures and of course new stories and photos as well.
If anyone has a particular story they would like me to share with everyone please email it to me the story and i will post it. Also if anyone has pictures they want me to post email those also. My email address is

Anna brings such a light and joy to so many peoples lives and has touched every person she comes in contact with in one way or another. For those of you who do know Anna you will take such joy in this...and for those of you who dont...this will give you and opportunity to get to know the Wonder that is Anna.

Just a note, I have found in the past telling anna stories to people who dont know her, they take offense and think I am making fun of her. (If only they knew anna calls me retarded when i do something dumb) We love Anna so much and know she is such a choise spirit of the Lord. She has been such a blessing in our lives and I cannot honestly say I would be as happy as I am without her in my life. I speak for everyone in my family when i say We are a Happier Family because of Anna.

Anywhoo....i am not going to link family and friends on the side because in anna's world everyone is her friend.

I hope you all enjoy reading this as much as I have creating it!

With Love,
Theresa (her best sister)