Wednesday, May 28, 2008

little chuckles

Conversation between Anna and Amber last thursday:

Amber: So Anna whats with these shows you watch, like Smallville, and Power Rangers?

Anna: Power Rangers is my favorite show!

Amber: I know but isnt it just a childrens show? Are you a child?

Anna: A Child of God

Conversation between Myself and Anna last weekend

back ground: We went camping as a family and Anna got moved from the camping trailor Couchbed to a smaller bed, which made her very upset, then to find out she has to share it with ther 5 year old neice.

Anna: I just hate this stuff!

Theresa: What stuff?

Anna: Just this sharin my bed stuff.

Theresa: Anna you always share your bed with Keila when she visits. You never complain. Why are you this time?

Anna: I just need my space and shes always stealin my covers!

Theresa: Anna you have been awful crabby this trip, you need to cheer up and be a little nicer to your neices and everyone else for that matter. Its no fun for anyone when your crabby pants.

Anna: Its just this campin stufff, i just hate this campin, it just not for me anymore.

(aparently it got so bad she resulted in leaving 2 days early to go to utah with my sister)

Conversation at the dinner table a few weeks ago

Anna: I just cant wait to be married

Theresa: So when you and David get married where are you gonna live?

Anna: In my room!

Theresa: Okay so when you get married are you going to be Mrs Anna Lindig?

Anna: No way Im not gonna have his last name!

Theresa: So David is gonna take your last name? Mr and Mrs David Stewart?

Anna: Yup!

Theresa: Okay well are you guys gonna have kids?

Anna: When i grow up (thats what my father tells her everytime she talks about wanting to get married and have kids)