Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I aint go nuthin to do

Anna came over today to my house to hang out while my parents when out of town for the day. I came out from taking a little nap and she was watching Cops. I asked her if she likes that show and she said. "Yup I love dis show! I watch it all the time with my dad!" (i guess hes not my dad anymore, only hers)

She then must have gotten bored because i came back in the room a little bit later and this is what i saw.




Guess Im a sucky Host.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Lesson in Cluture through Anna's eyes

A few weeks ago Anna went to Utah to stay with our sister Valerie and help out with the kiddies. Val and Chuka go to the Samoan ward where they mostly speak in Samoan. Anna went to church with them.

When Anna got back in town the following conversation took place:

Me: Anna, how was your trip?

Anna: good, i jus not goin no where no more.

Me: Well, did you have a good time?

Anna: Yeah, i jus miss my shows and my students (aka primary kids she sees each sunday)

Me: Well, you went to church with Val and Chuka didnt you?

Anna: yeah but i didnt like it

Me: Why not? It was the samoan ward, was it different?

Anna: Yeah i didnt like it because they kept speakin in that japanese. I dont understand nothin.

Me: japenese? you mean samoan?

Anna: yeah that one. same difference.

Of course it is.