Friday, March 12, 2010


So, We are planning the ultimate SURPRISE party for Anna's 30th birthday thanks to some amazing friends of mine who plan events!!! Its not until December but we need all the time in the world to plan this to make it SPECTACULAR!!! Here is what I need from you all...ANNA STORIES! I know I have asked for some in the past but this is way more important because we are going to put a book together with her stories and pictures from friends and family....If any of you have stories, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE either post them here, or Email them to me, Theresa at Pictures too!!! Thank you guys so much for your help and Please also leave contact information if you want and inviation to her big shindig!!! Thanks for loving Anna as much as we do!

Monday, February 8, 2010

If Only...

Dont you wish you could be as happy as she is? I know I do.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fireman watch out!!!

Sometimes Anna Overestimates her abilities to be a "feather weight". Awhile back we were at park with her neices and nephews and Anna decided she was going to play with the kids on the jungle gym set. Thinking how advanced she was then most the children she dared to attempt the Firemans Pole. I saw her from afar and I better assist. Anna has a fear of heights and has never slid down a pole before. I was not quite sure she even knew what to do and going to the hospital because she fell off poll was not in our plans for the day. Due to her sitting on my shoulder (which reconfirmed to me she is NOT feather weight) she succussfully made it down the pole safe and sound.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Goin to the Chapel and were....gonna get married....Not Anna. Yet.

Anna's littlest brother Jeff got hitched! September 19th was the big day and it was beautiful. Anna was gorgeous and just loved being photographed. From excellent food to fun times and dancing it was a wonderful night. She loves Cortney (Jeff's bride) and couldnt be happier she has another sister in law! Enjoy the pictures.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pretty pretty Cornbelly Princess.

She's a girl after her own dad's heart! Anna graced us with her presence as we went to the Cornbelly Maze carnival in American Fork last weekend. I know for a fact Anna had the heart of a kid even though she is going to be 29 this year. She insisted on doing ALL the kid rides and games and etc. It was rather fun to watch her attempt most of them and i must say she did very well. While the adults were buying treats for the kids in a candy store i looked over and saw Anna sit on the Wood horse saddle and pick up the rope to rope the dummy. I sat in awe as she figured out how to roll up the rope in the right way, form a loop, swing and throw it at the cow dummy. Her father would be proud. She did really good. i was very impressed. She also insisted on climbing the rope wall and sliding down all the slides. Because she is a delicate princess she had to be photographed in her carriage along with her tiara. Anna is priceless herslef so why not documet it. Hope you all enjoy!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Juno Chop

Well I officially suck as Anna's blog updater. We have been so busy the last few months and Anna has been very busy herself with all her phone calls she makes to her Boyfriend David, he movies she watches and constantly keeping up with Power Rangers and Smallville. I vow now to try better to update Anna stories
Until then, here is a picture for your enjoyment!
Playing Power Rangers with KC

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Shoot It Up

Saturday a group of us went shooting. Anna was intent on practicing her skills with the silencer. Here we have Jeff giving her some pointers...such a good brother. Then, we have Dad letting her do it on her own. She was doing great (however i dont think she quite understands the concept of lining up the dots to aim straight, but hey who cares) Anyone seeing Anna with a gun let alone one that had a silencer attached would probably think it was the end of the world anyway so it really doesnt matter. Then after Anna got done shooting, we had another shoot, a sexy photo shoot. All I did was ask her to smile, and thats what she gave me. I think in another life Anna would have been quite the hussy, but Heavenly Father saved her from...herself. lol Because the last two depict Anna in her true form. We sure love her!