Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Valentines Day

This was a Valentines Day to remember.
A few weeks ago my husband so kindly offered to go on a double date with Anna and her boyfriend David for valentines day (he is in the picture with her on the right of the blog)
A little preface:
Saying Anna is excited is the understatement of the century. She doesnt get to go out with david but only like once a month or every other month. So when they do go out, its always with a chaperone. What you have to understand is their emotions are very much so heightened and they become rather what can i say, horny when they are around eachother. Thats why dad has tried to instill in her brain NO KISSING when it comes to David. Anna, like any other kid with a teenage mentality doesnt always listen. They flirt and always try to kiss....yikes

Valentines evening, my brother Jeff ,his date Courntey, Anna went to go pick up David. My husband and I were meeting them at dinner. Anna insisted she knew where David lived but then got them lost so they had to call his parents to find the right way. When they picked him up, she gave him the cookies mom made with the card and balloon. The card was the best. It said on the outside, We have a pretty unusal relationship. Then on the inside it said, I am pretty, and you are unusual. Classic.
Davids parents have taught him rather well, he always gets a gift for anna no matter when they go out. Its rather impressive, even though the perfume he always gets her smells like old lady avon perfume its sweet non the less.
They exchanged gifts and were on their way.
They met up with us at Red Robin and David was wearing his classic Nascar jacket and hat. Super classy I must say. We all ordered food and I just sat and watched. My husband has always teased Anna. He pokes her in church just to mess with her and she loves every minute of it although she insists he is a pest. Well, during dinner, he was poking her, and I began to get nervous. Annas boyfriend became upset. When I say upset I mean I thought he was going to get up and try to punch my husbands lights out. He at one point lifted up his sleeve and flexed his bicep, then later he lifted up his had in a fist and shook his head. I had to calmly tell him to relax and that my husband was just teasing her. He then said for him to "back of his woman! That was his future wife"
After dinner, we went to the movies. I told Anna and David they could sit by themselves as long as they were in front of us. They sat of the back row of the first section and we sat on the first row of the back section so there was a good 6 feet apart from us. I didnt think we has a problem....i was mistaken. Aparently in their eyes, that gap meant free reign to do as they pleased. All throughout the movie they smootched. I at one point couldnt even see a gap between their heads. I made my husband throw candy at them to get their attention, when he did David flipped him off. Then later I had him do it again and Anna looked over so I was able to make eye contact with her and i said "Knock it off you two!" After the movie was over she and I were in the bathroom and I said, "We are going to have a little talk when we get home with mom and dad about you and David smootching." Her response was once again classic. She said "Um, we wasnt smootchin, we was jus ticklin each others noses." Of course...thats what it was. Nice try. Then i assured her i saw them and she said, "Well, he was jus kissin me first" That makes it okay then.
The night was eventful and filled with real live entertainment. Anna is so sweet, but i am in agreement with my mother when she said Heavenly Father saved Anna from herself. If she wasnt down syndrome, she would probably be a hussy. Oh how I love her! Hope you all had a wonderful Valentines!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Funny Stuff

Just a few funny things that happened this last week.

Fast Sunday
Ever since Anna was little she has loved to bare her testimony. She is the first person up there each testimony meeting and you never quite know what shell say but what the ward does know, is she is the first one up. This particular sunday was rather entertaining. It was only Dave, Anna and Myself sitting on the side bench when they opened up the meeting up to the congregation. Some people on the other side of the chapel had started to walk up, Anna looked at me concerned and i just simply said, You better hurry. My mistake, Anna got up real fast and began to walk quickly, then finally run down the isle to get to the pulpit. Then, when she got up there, she looked at the othe two people who got there on the stand at the same time, pointed her finger at them waving it and said, Haha I beat you! Everyone started laughing, then she began her sweet testimony. She never ceases to amaze me!

Virgin Ears turn away.
I was sitting in my dads room with my sister Valerie and dad, when anna casually came in and started to massage my shoulders. We got talking and I always have teased anna when she says she doesnt feel good that she is pregnant. Sometimes she indulges me and says maybe, sometimes she is not in the mood to be teased and says no. Its always a hit or miss what shell feel like saying that day. Well, today I was feeling extra silly and said Anna, maybe one day we can be pregnant together. She said, I am not pregnant yet theresa! Val then jumps in and says, Anna how do you get pregnant....(assuming mind you, that she will say somethign about kissing) She suprised us all when her response was, "You have to have those Sex first" I almost peed my pants I was laughing so hard. My dad then couldnt handle hearing his sweet anna go any farther, and jumped in with, Okay thats enough!
She is so great! You have to have those sex first!

Just a couple funny little things that happened this week! Hope everyone has a great day!