Sunday, March 22, 2009

Shoot It Up

Saturday a group of us went shooting. Anna was intent on practicing her skills with the silencer. Here we have Jeff giving her some pointers...such a good brother. Then, we have Dad letting her do it on her own. She was doing great (however i dont think she quite understands the concept of lining up the dots to aim straight, but hey who cares) Anyone seeing Anna with a gun let alone one that had a silencer attached would probably think it was the end of the world anyway so it really doesnt matter. Then after Anna got done shooting, we had another shoot, a sexy photo shoot. All I did was ask her to smile, and thats what she gave me. I think in another life Anna would have been quite the hussy, but Heavenly Father saved her from...herself. lol Because the last two depict Anna in her true form. We sure love her!